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Gicleé print

French term 'gicleé' means sprayed or squirted.

Posters are printed by Gicleé high-quality inject print that uses archival quality inks. It's often used for fine arts reproductions or photography because it provides maximum detail and longevity.

Gicleé print use pigment-based inks that have a longer lifespan than standard inject print. They can last anywhere from 100 - 200 years without significant fading.


Where can you deliver and how much is the shipping?

Shipping is worldwide and for free. So far we did not have a problem with any country.

How much time will take for my order to be delivered to me?

It is usually around 5-21 days, depending on the speed of delivery in your location.

What if the poster(s) are delivered damaged?

If your package and posters were damaged upon arrival contact me at: as soon as possible with photos of both of the damaged package and the damaged product(s) and I will send you a new one(s).

I want a bigger or smaller size of the poster than you are offering. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. Please email me at:

Does the poster come with a frame?

No, we do not offer frames at this point due to shipping complications.

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